Friday 18 March 2011

The Best of the Web w/e 18th March 2011

A weekly round-up of things we liked that we think you'd like also.

We at Birmingham Skeptics are now famous.  Brian Deer popped in, unannounced, to see us at The Victoria last week.  He featured us in an article in the Sunday Times about the growing influence of Skeptics in the Pub.  We won’t let the fame go to our head though, we’ll continue to operate from our underground bunker 300 metres beneath the Rotunda.  What else was happening this week?  Well, here's our round-up of interesting things:

  • Skeptics groups often get accused of being pessimistic.  Patrick Redmond wanted to find out if it was wrong to be optimistic.  He spoke to Mark Stevenson, author of “An Optimist’s Guide to the Future” to find out.
  • Are you a ‘homosexual struggler’?  Well, there’s an app for that, you’ll be on the straight and narrow in no time.  I wonder if there’s one for heterosexual strugglers in the works.
  • It’s supermoon time, this is when the moon expands and is noticeably bigger in the sky.  Steve Owen has a more rational explanation on the Dark Sky Diary entitled The Moon Illusion.
  • Do you know the difference between science fact and science fiction?  Try this BBC quiz.

This was compiled by Paul Bryant (@thebigyeti) with lots of help from Chris Richardson (@christheneck)

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