Friday 11 March 2011

The best of the blogosphere w/e 11th March 2011

A weekly round-up of things we liked that we think you'd like also.

Space invaders, Eclipses (or is it Eclipsii?), nutters, threats to silence Members of Parliament, Lego, a quiz, threats to silence authors, history, success, failure and Pi the musical; this week's round-up has it all and much, much, more.  Don't take my word for it though, read on:

  • We all know the incredulous sceptic and the alt med nutter; well @noodlemaz turns her attention to the well-meaning person that foists the latest ‘miracle cure’ on their sick relative out of concern in this insightful blog post.
  • Director of the Society of Homeopaths takes legal action against author of book charting the rise of the anti-vaccination movement resulting in sentences having to be removed from the book, grrr!.  @lecanardnoir tells us all about it.
  • Wirral NHS had an open meeting discussing funding of homeopathy in the region.  Some of the Merseyside Skeptics attended, and so did some homeopaths.  They got on swimmingly.
  • The Head of the Research Council UK (RCUK) Strategy Unit gave a presentation on RCUK strategy post Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).  Here’s an overview by @beck_smith.
  • Do not question the Murdoch press, it won’t be forgotten.  According to Chris Bryant MP, MPs were "warned off" pursuing the phone-hacking scandal in Parliament as part of a cover-up.  Read about it here.
  • The one and only @kashfarooq wrote a post for our humble blog about the Framing effect and bad decision making.  Is he really going to let the bankers off the hook and blame evolution for the financial collapse?

“The most impressive way to not get laid”

That was this week, the same week that Matt Lodder (@mattlodder) came to The Victoria in Birmingham and presented a sceptical look at Western Media Perceptions of Tattoos.  The same week that Adam Kay from the Amateur Transplants (@amateuradam) sang some songs and made us laugh.  What will next week have in store?

This was put together by Paul Bryant (@thebigyeti) with lots of help from Chris Richardson (@ChristHenEck).

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