Monday 17 January 2011

Podcast - Steve Fuller at Birmingham Skeptics

The Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub Podcast is back, we took an extended vacation over Christmas, but we are back, and wow do we have a bit of a special for you. Instead of the usual interviews, we thought we would bring you an entire SitP talk by the excellent and controversial Professor Steve Fuller!

Here is the full blurb: "Professor Steve Fuller has never shied away from tackling controversial subjects. He is the author of many books that challenge the accepted interpretations and conventions of science and testified on behalf of the “Intelligent Design” protagonists in the Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District trial in 2005. In his book “Science, the Art of Living”, Fuller argues that science
is undergoing its own version of secularization. It is not that people are coming to lose their faith in science per se but rather they are losing the compulsion to conform to a specific orthodoxy that is upheld by a specially anointed class of 'science priests'." Steve's challenging the skeptics folks, come and hear what he has to say."

If you attended then see if you can hear yourself, and if you have never attended a SitP event, then this is how us Brummies do it! This was a lot more confrontational than usual.  It got fairly lively towards the end as some of the "polite angry" people in the audience took exception to his definition of what a skeptic actually is.    Recorded by the supremely awesome Lukas Large (@).

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