Thursday, 27 January 2011

Podcast Posting - Interview with Mark Crislip

If you haven’t come across Mark Crislip yet, it’s about time you did. Mark’s an infectious diseases doctor in Portland Oregon, but it’s not only the diseases he studies and treats that are catching. Mark approaches the subjects that so fascinate him with an enthusiasm and sense of humour that are in themselves contagious.

I first stumbled upon him on the Quackcast three or four years ago. Here he reviews the findings and thoughts on matters around Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicines (SCAMs). He does a line in withering scorn and pithy put downs the like of which I haven’t heard since my PE teacher’s attempts to turn me into a rugby player at High School.

This interview was a great excuse for me to meet (via Skype at least) somebody that has entertained and educated me over the last four years. The Quackcast is not a podcast of complex production. It’s Mark, a microphone and some editing software. There are no fancy gimmicks, no catchy jingles or special guests. Despite this it’s won the People’s Choice Podcast Award in Health and Medicine for two years running, because it is just rock solid content and a pleasure to listen to.

Anyway, that’s enough said. Rather than read my opinions about him and his podcast listen to our discussion here then find the Quackcast here. When you’re done with that check out some of his infectious diseases stuff. It’s surprisingly fun and some of the words I’ve learnt on there have done wonders for my Scrabble scores.

Patrick Redmond - Born in Stoke and moved the vast distance to live in Birmingham. He is one of the organisers of Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub.


turnipseed said...

Glad to hear you've discovered one of our National Treasures in Dr. Crislip. And I've found a new blog!

ap said...

Dr. Mark Crislip is Jesus!

Patrick Redmond said...

@turnipseed, Mark is brilliant, no question from me. I had to stifle the skeptic fanboy in me whilst we did the interview.

Welcome to the blog, the next podcast posting that goes out will have brief chats from my meeting with a couple more of your national treasures, Eugenie Scott and the Podfather Steve Novella.

@ap Oh I reckon he's much better than that. *ducks just in case atheism is wrong and a thunderbolt heads my way*

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