Wednesday 10 April 2013

Drying For Freedom

This is happening on 24th of April at the Vic

One of our aims at Birmingham Skeptics is to help support interesting events often around ideas you might not have ever even thought of before. We were contacted about a fantastic opportunity to do just that with the release of “Drying for Freedom”.  In his debut full feature, Steven Lake examines themes of electrical dependence, environmental exploitation and the role of the humble washing line.

"DRYING FOR FREEDOM is a global exploration of the environment, freedom, communities and corporate exploitation, revealing the extent of the challenge we now face. The film includes contributions from Verona, Mississippi, where investigations are underway in a unique clothesline murder case, to Concord, New Hampshire and the home of Alexander Lee the leader of the world's leading clothesline pressure group. It reveals of our electric heritage and events leading up to millions of clothesline bans within US communities where the restrictions of freedom has become an un-environmental way of life.

DRYING FOR FREEDOM is the new environmental battlefield, exploring energy waste, consumer exploitation, restrictions in basic human freedoms and the impact this has on our planet. Our future is hanging on a line!"

The film is a wonderfully engaging debut full feature from UK filmmaker, Steven Lake. The film has won awards for Best Environmental Feature and Best Artistic Response at Climate Week, it has also been officially selected for many film festivals all over the world.

This screening takes place as part of the 'Hanging Out Festival':
"The DRYING FOR FREEDOM HANGING OUT FESTIVAL is a global film festival showcasing the award winning environmental movie Drying For Freedom in venues across planet Earth."

The film will be followed by a talk and Q and A session from the director, Steven Lake.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event:

Drying For Freedom - Official Trailer from White Lantern Film on Vimeo.

This is proudly an associated event to Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub.
Skeptics in the Pub exists to put on thought provoking and entertaining events promoting science and examining the evidence behind ideas.

Tickets are £5 on the door to cover the expenses of the event.

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