Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekly Round-up – Round-up shorts WK 11.

It’s all getting a bit hectic here at Skeptic Villas with all the housemates and Rounder-uppers tied up in their respective projects. Patrick’s in the study, Chris is authoring DVDs in the studio, and Paul’s rustling up a shrimp abomination gumbo in the kitchen. Which just leaves me to knock together this eleventh-hour Round –up type thing in record time before the week is over. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

This week’s headlines then, sans waffle, from the world of Science and Skepticism; amongst other things that we like that you may like also (we haven’t said that for a while):-

Thank God it's Pi day!

Are the geeks coming? Scientists find their voice.

They didn’t see him coming: Manhattan private eye and ex-cop builds career putting away psychics who bilk patrons.

Uncomfortable reading: It’s 2013, and they’re Burning ‘Witches’.

In an attempt to modernise Indonesia's 1918 Criminal Code (modernise!): Push to make 'black magic' a crime in Indonesia.

Scientology Front Group Executive Loses Counselling Certification.

MP triggers homeopathy dispute at science committee. Outgoing chief scientific advisor, Sir John Beddington, says no.

A DNA Lesson, From the Expert’s Pen plus a pleasingly retro three minute animation from BBC Knowledge & Learning.

Evidence-Based Medicine in Song - Some studies that I like to quote. That wicker furniture euphemism hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Seven things that are older than Ken Ham’s universe. Make that 8.

Video game 'exercise' for an hour a day may enhance certain cognitive skills.

WDDTY Magazine: Lies and misinformation not delivered on time.

Dean Burnett: Correcting classic childhood gender biases.

Most fascinating read of the week: Lip-reading, which makes one sense do the work of another, is a skill daunting to describe. Rachel Kolb shares its mysteries.

Zen pencils web comic takes a Phil Plait quote and turns it into a cracking piece of Science art. Available to buy as a print too.

Washing Machines on Mars! It can only be The Institute of Creation Research.

Undeserved respect: Having a bone to pick with natural medicine.

Reaching the parts that George Michael and The Darkness cannot reach: C. elegans Harlem Shake.

HE knows when you're on your way home, he understands when you've had a bad day and he might even be able to save your life. So does your four-legged friend have mystic powers? (No, not the Daily Mail)

Alcohol may give heavy drinkers more than just a buzz. It can also fuel their brains, a new study suggests.

Famed creationist debater and Bible defender Dr. Duane T. Gish gallops off into the sunset. For more on Mr Gish and his debating strategy see our guest blog courtesy of Sitp regular Mr Rich Wiltshir from May last year.

Google Glass Ushers in the Next Wave of Cybernetic Hate Crimes.

The author of the acupuncture meta-analysis lambasts the “sceptics’ movement” in a “peer-reviewed” paper. Orac laughs in his general direction. The BMJ has an acupuncture journal! Who knew!

Through the amplification of small motions and colour, Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video.

Now there’s an idea; a book club meet where the kids get to do the reviewing – York’s Bakery Café lookout! How’s this for starters? You Are Stardust: Teaching Kids About the Universe in Stunning Illustrated Dioramas. And here’s one to avoid.

Giddyup there Stego! Cue Black Beauty music.

Engineering News Record’s 2012 images of the year.

Some interesting news on a curious global trend: Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet, and The Wall Street Journal reports on a new study: Past Decade Ranks Among Hottest.

The God Who Wasn’t There. Letter to a Christian.

From the UK Health Protection Agency: Superbug or drug-resistant strains of STI’s take hold worldwide. Don’t believe in Evolution. Nothing to worry about then.

T-shirts? Oh yes please!

One from the archive: In 1951 Bertrand Russell published an article in The New York Times Magazine, “The Best Answer to Fanaticism–Liberalism,” Bertrand Russell’s new Decalogue for Living in a Healthy Democracy.

Our third musical offering this Round-up: “You either gonna stand up for reality or surrender to the fantasy” - Tombstone da Deadman - My Stand.

Got a bit of time to spare? Fancy writing the occasional Round-up or blog for us? Of course you do. Here’s your mission if you choose to accept it. If you’re a Sitp regular and can wrap the odd summary around 30 or so links then we’d like to hear from you. Simples eh! We’ll make it really easy and even supply all the links too. Interested? E-mail us at the usual address. Keys to the Skeptomobile not included.

Just space to point you to our events page where you can find details of our upcoming talks, book club meets and the March social.

That’s it, International Round-up Rescue complete.

It’s final video time, and it’s about video - Moon Hoax Not

Have a great week.

This week’s Round-up was compiled by SitP regular Roy Beddowes.

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