Saturday 9 April 2011

The Weekly Round Up - 9/4/11

Once more we bring you our weekly compilation of goodies we’ve trawled from the web. A smorgasbord of digital delights for your delectation.

We know it’s unlikely that you’ve missed this but we couldn’t be left out of celebrating the online release of Storm. Congratulations to Tracy King, D C Turner, Tim Minchin and all the others involved for a wonderful piece of work.

We’re sure that Storm would be more than a little dismayed to read the following from our friends at Mersey Side Skeptics who score a success in their campaign against homeopathy.

If you fancy giving your home that spacey makeover Steve D has the interior design tip of the week for you over at the Mad Art Lab with the Paper Planet Lantern.

In case you missed Monbiot’s  article in the Guardian here’s the fully referenced version of Evidence Meltdown as he critiques the position of Helen Caldicott and the anti-nuclear movement’s presentation of the impacts of radiation on human health.

In the run up to our visit by Nick Pope on the 13th April, Birmingham Skeptics stalwart Andy Pickering confesses to a temporary lapse in rational thought in A Flock of UFOs.

The people down at Fermilab are still bashing those proton/anti-protons and they might have found something a bit funky. If confirmed it’d be a fine result in the months before the trusty Tevatron closes down due to lack of funds. Read more over at POPSCI.

We’ll finish with a couple of commentaries on the use of scientific research by journalists. Hot off the press is Ben Goldacre taking The Fourth Estate to task over some not so prime primary research.

Following in the same theme those witty and pithy people over at xkcd give us a lesson on the misapplication of statistics.

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