Friday 31 October 2014


As part of the Good Thinking Society Psychic Awareness Month, Chris Richardson and Richard Sutherland fearlessly handed out leaflets to an audience attending a performance by Derek Acorah at The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock on October 30th.

We say fearlessly because of the proximity to Halloween, and claims by Acorah that he can summon up the dead. Despite these ominous portents, the event went off without so much as a hitch, let alone an attack by zombies!

Carefully following Good Thinking guidelines not to make a nuisance of themselves, Chris and Richard stationed themselves to one side of the entrance. As audience members arrived they confirmed that those entering the theatre were there to attend the performance, and then asked if they would be good enough to take a leaflet. The vast majority accepted, with only two exceptions. One woman who saw the headline and turned away a bit huffily, and another (with partner) who stated that she is a 'medium' and gave Richard and Chris the evil eye, or at least a dirty look. One woman was clearly au fait with the Mark Tilbrook situation and asked Richard if he was Mark.

Richard making polite enquiries of attendees

At a guess no more than 150 attended. Predominantly middle aged and female in small groups (2 to 4), although some mainly older couples.

At one point a very jolly chap working for the theatre asked if Chris and Richard would like to come into the theatre lobby. Without saying so, he gave the impression he approved of what they were doing. They politely declined. About half way through the duty Manager emerged to ask them to move away as they were causing an obstruction. It was politely explained that they were specifically standing to one side of the doors so as not do so, and that since not on private property they were entitled to be there, and that we would be extremely careful not to inconvenience the audience arriving in any way. She didn't seem very happy about it but gave up and went inside. A bit later the jolly chap popped his head around the door and had a laugh about the fact that he had asked them in and "the boss" had wanted to get rid of them.

From other reports it seems that Derek Acorah and Colin Fry have avoided confrontation with people leafleting, so all in all it was pretty uneventful, but hopefully may have prompted a few to question their support for such events.

We are aiming to continue with a wide variety of activities, not necessarily involving standing outside theatres!

If you are interested in participating in future Birmingham Skeptical Activist initiatives please email Richard on Alternatively, let Patrick or Chris know.

Good Thinking can be found here.

The Good Thinking Society leaflet


zerry ht said...

I appreciate you for hosting Psychic Awareness Month Event. Really you did good job. It’s very important for every planner that he should manage event in such perfect way. Well, I am going to host NYC events and hopefully would be able to manage things as you did.

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