Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Round-up w/e 12/8/2012

Greetings, sorry the round up is late this week, but we’ve been collecting up the best of the web for all you fine skeptics.

As our meetings are in the pub, it’s safe to say we like a drink, but the discovery of homeopathic vodka is probably not something we’ll be asking for (and thankfully not something the Vic will be serving any time soon).  But if we did ever fancy it then maybe we can couple it with a nice fruity mixer, as a church in Manchester has been found to be selling blackcurrant squash as a cure for cancer.  And if all that’s left you a bit peckish then the news archaeologists have found traces of 2,500 year old chocolate probably won’t help.

There’s further proof that climate change might, you know, actually be happening has caused a previous climate sceptic physicist to change his mind, after being surprised by the results.  But then again scientists have found evidence of palm trees at the Antarctic, so that might just confuse them a bit further.   Who knows?

Vaccination is a bit of a hot topic too as The Sydney Daily Telegraph looks into the muddy waters of vaccination, at the same time the BBC reports whooping cough outbreak spreading time to very young babies.  As if whooping cough and vaccinations aren’t enough for the little ‘uns to deal with, the news that chiropractors are“treating” newborn babies for having been cooped up in a cramped uterus might be the straw that…oh wait.

Religion is a popular source of conversation amongst a lot of us; it might not be such good news for our Celtic cousins as the Belfast Telegraph points out the Irish are abandoning religion faster than most  countries and news that spiritual encounters might all be in the head probably aren’t helping.  Still if they’re looking for something else Australia’s newest cult might not be the best place to look, although the news astrology is more like religion than science might be an alternative…or perhaps not.

And finally, seems summer might be making people (or at least reporters) a little frisky as this youtube video explored why sexy is sexy, whilst others are looking at the Catholic church’s supposed preoccupation with sex.  But it’s not all candlelight and romance, as NewScientist reports salmon sex is delayed because of global warming.

Don’t forget that we have our social coming up next week and that the sitp  this  month is our first ever open mic night featuring some of you lot that sit in our audience and a couple of guests. Put them in your diary now! And on that note we’ll leave you till next week!

This week's round-up was put together by Laura Creaven

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