Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wotchya Simon

This is just a quick post to let you know that we’ve invited Simon Brettell to be one of the organisers of the group. Being an organiser is no big deal, we’re not elitist at Birmingham SitP, but it made sense to us. Simon is the one who takes all the fantastic photos that get posted on Facebook and contributes in so many other ways that we’re really just making it official.

Hopefully if Simon survives the special induction process he will be back on duty at the Rebecca Stott talk on August 8th. It’d be good to see you there too.

If you don't know who the organisers are then follow this link. If you come on one of the nights please introduce yourselves, say hi and feel free to let us know anything that you think we're doing right or that we can do better.




Steve Ebrey said...

Congrats Simon - you've made it into the inner circle!

notjarvis said...

gratz Simon!
Hope you survived the famously difficult and painful induction process.

Although sadly you shall not know you have arrived until you get the secret knowledge about Xenu, the Thetans, and the special levels of reincarnation :-)