Skeptics in the Pub Contacts, Links and Resources

Listed below are the details of the current Skeptics in the Pub groups in the UK and Eire.

Many of the Skeptics in the Pub events are organised by Skeptics Societies. The links below will direct you to the most relevant web pages to find out information relating to your local SitPs and, if applicable, the Societies which run them

A list of SitPs outside the UK and Eire can be found here.

If there is nothing listed locally to you, you may wish to start a Skeptics in the Pub of your own.

Here are some useful resources:-

A guide on setting up a Skeptics in the Pub, written by Simon Perry of Leicester SitP with input from various other SitP organisers highlighting many of the issues people may encounter can be found here.

Blogposts by @christheneck and @PenguinGalaxy on setting up can be found here and here.

A Register of SitP Speakers, hosted by The Twenty-First Floor, can be found here.

A recording of the Skeptics in the Pub Workshop at QEDcon can be found here.

If you have any questions or feel the need for any support feel free to contact us or your nearest SitP via the links above. We'll be happy to help and if we don't know the answer, we'll know someone who does.

Should you be aware of any inaccuracies or omissions please contact us and they will be rectified