How to send in your posts

This is a collaborative blog run by Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub. The aim is that it will cover topics that broadly relate to science and scepticism. There’s no commitment to making regular entries, just when and as you are moved to.

If you want to contribute then email your article to . Put your title in the subject line and the text in the main body. Include any images as attachments. If you are thinking of writing an article but would like to speak to us first, then please don't hesitate to email us at this address.  We'd be happy to speak to you.

It would be good if you could include a small piece of biography, just one or two lines, and if you would like a link to your own blog/webpage then we can include that too at the foot of your blog post.

Please avoid submitting copyrighted material. We won’t accept anonymous articles and all content and links to content will go through moderation before being posted.